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Gypsum Products, Dental Waxes, and Impression Materials

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a. General. Impression paste is a thermoplastic-type impression material. It is usually supplied as two separate units, a base and a hardener. The principal ingredients are zinc oxide and eugenol. When the base and the hardener are mixed together in specific proportions, they form a paste. No separator is required when pouring the cast in an impression taken with this material.

b. Usage. Impression paste is used primarily as a corrective material inside an individual impression tray. It is also widely used for rebase impressions for both complete and partial dentures. (A rebase impression replaces the base material of a denture without changing the occlusal relations of the teeth.) Occasionally, it is used in immediate denture fabrication as a lining for a sectional compound impression. Impression paste can be used to provide a lining for a complete denture baseplate to make it fit both the cast and the mouth accurately.

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