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Dental Materials

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Dental Resins, Miscellaneous Dental Materials, and Dental Gold/Alloys

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a. General. Restorations made with gold foil do not exhibit as much overall strength and resilience as do restorations made with gold alloys. Casting gold alloy is used in the fabrication of various types and classes of restorations. It is alloyed and made into ingots suitable for melting and casting into molds for the restorations.

b. Four Types of Casting Gold Alloys.

(1) Soft. For inlays not subjected to stress.

(2) Medium. For ordinary inlay work.

(3) Hard. For full crowns, three-quarter crowns, and retainers.

(4) Extra hard. For saddles, clasps, and one-piece cast partial dentures.

c. Usage. Casting gold alloys can be whitened (white gold) by adding palladium, platinum, or silver. Casting gold alloy is also used for crowns and abutments requiring great strength and hardness.

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