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Dental Materials

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Dental Resins, Miscellaneous Dental Materials, and Dental Gold/Alloys

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a. Tin Oxide. Tin oxide is used in polishing teeth and metal restorations. Tin oxide is a fine, white powder that is made into a paste by adding water or glycerin.

b. Pumice. Pumice is used as an abrasive and polishing agent for acrylic resins, amalgams, and gold. It consists mainly of complex silicates of aluminum, potassium, and sodium. Two grades--flour of pumice and coarse pumice--are listed in the Federal Supply Catalog.

c. Chalk (Whiting). Chalk is used for polishing acrylic resins and metals. It is composed primarily of calcium carbonate.

d. Tripoli. Tripoli is usually used for polishing gold and other metals. It is made from certain porous rocks.

e. Rouge (Jeweler's). Rouge is used for polishing gold and is composed of iron oxide. It is usually in cake or stick form.

f. Zirconium Silicate. Zirconium silicate is used for cleaning and polishing teeth. It may be mixed with water or with fluoride solution for caries prevention treatment. For full effectiveness, instructions must be followed exactly to obtain the proper proportions of powder to liquid.

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