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Restorative Materials

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a. Advantages. Some advantages of zinc phosphate cement as a cementing medium are:

(1) Inconspicuous appearance.

(2) Speed and ease of usage.

(3) Sufficient flow to form a thin layer for the cementing of closely adapted crowns, fixed partial dentures, and inlays.

(4) Low thermal conductivity beneath a metallic restoration.

b. Disadvantages. Some disadvantages of zinc phosphate cement as a cementing medium are:

(1) Low crushing strength that varies between 12,000 and 19,000 psi.

(2) Slight solubility in mouth fluids.

(3) Opaque material not suitable for visible surfaces.

c. Strength. The ratio of powder to liquid increases the strength of phosphate cements to a certain point. For this reason, the dental specialist must use as thick a mix as practical for the work being performed.

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