About This Interactive Feature

This is an extensive collection of interactive exercises. In each case, you are given a selected type of circuit, then you are expected to analyze the circuit in order to determine certain critical values. When you have completed your analysis, you have access to the correct values. Hints are available.

The values provided for the circuits are generated on-the-fly, but using algorithms that ensure realistic values. So chances are quite good that you will never see the same sets of circuit values more than one time.

The purposes for this work is to strengthen you ability to solve circuits and, perhaps more importantly, build confidence in your analytical skills.

Part 1: Resistor Circuits

Total Resistance

Resistor Circuit Analysis

DC Network Analysis

Part 2: Inductor Circuits

Total Inductance

Inductive Reactance

Inductive Circuit Analysis

Part 3: Capacitor Circuits

Total Capacitance

Capacitive Reactance

Capacitive Circuit Analysis

Part 4: RL Circuits

Impedance and Phase

RL Circuit Analysis

Part 5: RC Circuits

Impedance and Phase

RC Circuit Analysis

Part 6: LC Circuits

Impedance and Phase

LC Circuit Analysis

Part 7: RLC Circuits

Impedance and Phase

RLC Circuit Analysis

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