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bullet Lesson 1. Introduction to Human Anatomy

Lesson 2. Regional Osteology


Lesson 3. Body Systems Other than Skeletal

About This Course

As an X-ray specialist (technologist), you need to have a good understanding of human anatomy, especially as it relates to identifying anatomical landmarks, positioning a patient correctly and comfortably, for the making of radiographic exposures.   Many structures of the body are radiopaque (impenetrable by x-ray).  Others can be made so.  These are the structures that are of primary interest to you, and the area of primary emphasis in this course.  Thus, this course is not a broad introductory course in anatomy.  Rather, it makes several assumptions, that you, the reader, already have a general basic knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, and that you have a good working knowledge of medical terminology.  If you do not meet these requirements, you are advised to study Human Anatomy and Human Physiology, either before or while you study this course and have a good medical dictionary readily available.  The final assumption is that you need, and want, instruction in anatomy from the special viewpoint of the X-ray technologist."

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