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5. Prosthodontic Instruments


a. Procedure. The variations in design and techniques used in the fabrication of removable partial dentures make it impossible to outline standard procedures. One procedure frequently used is described below. In planning the fabrication of a removable partial denture, a thorough examination should be done to include a radiographic examination and making diagnostic casts. After this examination, the patient is evaluated and the treatment plan is started. Next, the teeth are prepared so that they will provide a favorable foundation for the denture and provide an accurate impression. Jaw relationship registrations are taken to transfer from the patient to the articulator the positions and information necessary to fabricate the dentures. An appointment may be given for a try-in of the trial denture or the try--in of the metal framework. On the next appointment, the denture is inserted after fit and occlusion have been verified and adjusted. The patient is instructed in the use and care of the denture. Other appointments may be given as needed for further adjustments.

b. Impressions. An irreversible hydrocolloid or polysulfide base impression material is used in making impressions for removable partial dentures. The instruments and materials used are the same for removable partial dentures as for complete dentures.

c. Dental Specialist's Duties. The dental specialist prepares the impression tray in accordance with the dental officer's instructions, mixes the impression material according to the manufacturer's directions, and may fill the tray with the mixed impression material. When the impression has been removed from the patient's mouth, the dental specialist cleans any impression material from the patient's face and lips.

d. Jaw Relationship Records. Frequently there are enough remaining teeth to determine the proper relationship for mounting casts on an articulator. If insufficient teeth remain for this purpose, baseplates adapted to edentulous areas of the cast and fitted with properly contoured compound or wax occlusion rims may be used to record relationships in the mouth. Denture tooth shades and mold desired may be selected at this appointment. Figure 5-16 depicts instruments and materials used for jaw relationship records in removable partial denture fabrication.

Figure 5-16. Instruments and materials for jaw relationship records in removable partial denture fabrication.

e. Insertion and Adjustments. At the time of denture insertion, any minor corrections are made and the patient is given instructions in the use and care of the dentures. An appointment may be given for further adjustments.

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