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5. Prosthodontic Instruments


The general clinical duties of the dental specialist apply to the dental specialist assigned to the prosthodontic section. For example, preparation to receive a patient begins immediately following the dismissal of the previous patient. All evidence of treatment of that patient should be removed. Impressions, casts, dentures, and other materials used by the previous patient should be taken to the laboratory or placed in a suitable location out of sight of the patient. Records, instruments, supplies, and equipment required by the new patient must be assembled and placed in a convenient location for the dental officer.

a. Specific duties require the dental specialist to be familiar with techniques and materials used by the prosthodontist. If either modeling plastic or reversible hydrocolloid impression material is indicated for use, the dental specialist should prepare this material ahead of time.

b. In addition, the dental specialist should learn to work with patients who are under stress. Some patients will accept dentures and adjust to them easily. However, other patients will not accept dentures and will not adjust to them easily. The dental specialist should be aware of these psychological differences and guide his conversations with the patient accordingly.

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