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5. Prosthodontic Instruments


a. Prosthodontics. Prosthodontics is that branch of dentistry pertaining to the restoration and maintenance of oral function by the replacement of missing teeth and structures by artificial devices. Removable prosthodontics involve constructing artificial devices that can be readily inserted and removed by the wearer.

b. Dental Prosthesis. Complete dentures and fixed and removable partial dentures make up the great bulk of dental prosthesis. The prosthodontic section may also construct metallic or acrylic resin splints to be used by the oral surgeon in the immobilization of fractured jaws or by the periodontist to support periodontally weakened teeth. The repair, reline, or rebase of a prosthesis also is done in this section. Occasionally, an obturator, or some other type of maxillofacial prosthesis, is made to correct a developmental defect or a defect resulting from a traumatic injury.

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