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4. Periodontic and Endodontic Instruments


a. General. Instruments specialized for use in root canal therapy are listed in the following paragraphs. The Medical Supply Catalog nomenclature is included in capital letters in parentheses following the common name.

b. Root Canal Broach. Root canal broaches (figure 4-16) are used to remove (extirpate) the pulp from the root canal. They are available in three sizes: coarse, fine, and extra fine.

Figure 4-16. Root canal broach.

c. Root Canal Reamer (REAMER SET, PULP CANAL.) Root canal reamers (figure 4-17) are used to enlarge the root canal. They are available in a set of 15 standard sizes with either short or long handles, from size 10 to 100.

Figure 4-17. Root canal reamers.

d. Root Canal Files. Root canal files (figure 4-18) are used to enlarge and smooth the walls of the root canal. They are available in a set of 12 standard sizes with short handles (21 mm) and a set of 15 similar sizes with long handles (25 mm). Root canal files are also available in a Hedstrom Set of six assorted sizes with long handles, in a 25 mm end length. The various sizes of reamers and files allow incremental cleaning and enlargement of the pulp canal.

Figure 4-18. Root canal files.

e. Root Canal Pluggers. Root canal pluggers and spreaders (figure 4-19) are used to pack root canal filling materials into the root canal. Six different pluggers are available. Ladmore pluggers 1, 3, and 5 are different-sized straight pluggers. Pluggers 7, 9, and 11 are different-sized contra-angle pluggers. Root canal spreaders are not available as standard items of medical supply. Each individual dentist will use various pluggers and spreaders according to his individual technique.

Figure 4-19. Root canal pluggers and spreaders.

f. Instrument and Material Numbering System. Files and reamers are numbered progressively with increases in size. Gutta-percha points and silver points are sized to correspond with the instrument numbering system. For example, number 50 silver point = number 50 file or reamer. Paper points are available in sizes of fine, extra fine, medium, and extra coarse. See figure 4-20.

Figure 4-20. Gutta-percha points, silver points, and paper points.


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