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3. Surgical Instruments


a. General. Extraction in oral surgery refers to the removal of teeth. That phase of oral surgery that deals with extractions is called exodontia. Teeth can frequently be removed simply through proper application of force using extraction forceps or elevators. Other teeth, because of the curvature of roots, the divergence of roots, and excessive cementum, called hypercementosis, density of bone, or alignment of the teeth, may be harder to extract. In these cases, the use of elevators, the removal of bone, the sectioning of teeth with burs or chisels, or combinations of these procedures may be necessary. Instruments and techniques used will vary with the tooth, with the presence of complicating conditions as described above, and with the techniques favored by the dentist.

b. Instrument Setups.

(1) Uncomplicated extraction. See figure 3-34.

5030336.jpg (106098 bytes)

Figure 3-34. Instruments and materials for uncomplicated extraction.

(2) Surgical extraction and bone removal. See figure 3-35.

5030336.jpg (106098 bytes)

Figure 3-35. Instruments and materials for surgical extraction and bone removal.

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