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3. Surgical Instruments


Preparation to receive a patient begins with the cleanup and sterilization of instruments used during the treatment of the preceding patient. All evidence of treatment of that patient should be removed. Traces of blood should be removed from the dental unit and instrument trays. The cuspidor, aspirator bottles, handles, tips, and tubes should be cleaned. Instruments should be scrubbed and either sterilized or set aside for sterilization. Linens, headrest covers, and bracket table covers should be replaced. The dental chair should be lowered and set in an upright position, with the bracket table and operating lamp pushed back, out of the way. The next patient's records and radiographs should be set out for the dentist to examine. A basic examination setup should be placed on the bracket table. Instrument setups, sterile towels, and dressings (as indicated by the dentist) should be on hand and their need anticipated.

David L. Heiserman, Editor

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Revised: June 06, 2015