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3. Surgical Instruments


Periosteal elevators are used to separate and raise periosteum from the surface of the bone and retract the tissue flap (see figure 3-16).

a. Woodson Plastic Instrument Number One. This is a restorative instrument often used as a periosteal elevator in oral surgery.

b. Spatula Number Seven. This wax instrument also is often used as a periosteal elevator. It is blunt on one end and pointed on the other.

c. Molt Periosteal Elevator Number Nine. This elevator has a curved, blunt blade at each end.

d. Seldin Periosteal Elevator Number 22. This elevator has a flat handle with a small blade at each end. The blades are angled and shaped to give easy access to all locations in the mouth. All edges are rounded slightly to avoid needless injury to the tissues.

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Figure 3-16. Periosteal elevators.

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