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3. Surgical Instruments


Root elevators are instruments designed to loosen or remove roots, root fragments, or teeth. As with forceps, a variety of designs are available to suit different teeth, techniques, and locations in the mouth.

a. Stout A Elevator. This elevator's nib is flat on one side and rounded on the other. The nib has straight tapering walls and a rounded end (figure 3-11).

5030336.jpg (106098 bytes)

Figure 3-11. Stout A elevator.

b. Straight Elevator Number. 34-S. This elevator is straight and shaped like a gouge (figure 3-12). In cross-section its nib is crescent-shaped. It is one of the most commonly used elevators.

5030336.jpg (106098 bytes)

Figure 3-12. Straight elevator number 34-S.

c. Straight Elevator Number 301. This elevator is similar in shape to but smaller than number 34-S (figure 3-13).

5030336.jpg (106098 bytes)

Figure 3-13. Straight elevator number 301.

d. Apical Fragment Root Elevators. These are used to remove apical root fragments (figures 3-14 and 3-15).

5030336.jpg (106098 bytes)

Figure 3-14. Miller root elevators numbers 73 and 74.


5030336.jpg (106098 bytes)

Figure 3-15. Apical fragment root elevators.

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