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2. Restorative Instruments


A matrix confines the restorative material in the cavity preparation. It also establishes proper contours in restorations replacing missing walls of the tooth.

a. Matrix Retainers. Matrix retainers (figure 2-10) are used to hold and adjust matrix bands on the teeth. These include Ivory retainers numbers 1 and 9 and the contra-angle Tofflemire retainer that comes in adult and junior sizes.

Figure 2-10. Tofflemire matrix retainer.

b. Matrix Bands and Band Material. Matrix bands (figures 2-11, 2-12, and 2-13) are used to form missing walls of prepared teeth. They shape and confine restorative materials and wax to areas prepared to receive restorations. These include Ivory matrix band sets, Tofflemire matrix band sets, a cervical set, plastic celluloid strips, and metal matrix strips. Related materials include a celluloid matrix wedge and a crown form set. Celluloid crown forms are designed for specific teeth and are used as matrices for Class IV restorations.

Figure 2-11. Matrix bands.

Figure 2-12. Cervical matrix retainers.

Figure 2-13. Celluloid crown forms.

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