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1. The Basic Examination and Anesthetic Instruments


a. Definition. Study casts are another aid in examination and diagnosis. They are plaster or artificial stone casts poured in accurate impressions of the dental arches. These are often mounted on an anatomic articulator (articulator which may be adjusted to reproduce the movement of the jaw).

b. Function. Study casts are used to:

(1) Permit study of alignment and occlusal relationships of the teeth outside the confines of the patient's mouth.

(2) Permit coordinated study of the teeth and radiographs after the patient has left the office and the radiographs have been processed and dried.

(3) Provide a duplication of the mouth, which is useful in consultations with other dentist

(4) Provide a permanent record of oral conditions as they existed prior to treatment.

(5) Provide a media upon which proposed treatment procedures, such as spot grinding for occlusal equilibration or the fabrication of prosthetic appliances may be studied.

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