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1. The Basic Examination and Anesthetic Instruments

The Basic Examination and Anesthetic Instruments

After completing this lesson, you should be able to:

  • Name the four parts of a hand instrument and how each is identified.
  • Identify the procedure for identifying dental instruments using Black's classifying method.
  • State the three techniques used for sharpening dental instruments.
  • Identify the skills required for sharpening dental instruments.
  • Cite the purpose and function of each of the dental instruments.
  • Name what is included in the basic dental examination setup.
  • Name what is included in the sterile pack.
  • Identify the three classifications used to describe the dental health for a patient.
  • Identify the four functions of medical histories.
  • Name the systemic conditions to consider during dental treatment.
  • Identify the information revealed by radiography.
  • Identify the five functions of study casts.
  • Name the procedures for soldiers to use in requesting dental sick call.
  • Name the various agents used as an anesthetic.
  • Describe the anesthetic syringe.
  • Cite the lengths of the disposable needles used with anesthetic syringe.
  • List the items included in the anesthetic instrument setup.
  • Describe the procedure for preparing the syringe to administer anesthetic.

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