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This course is concerned with knowledge that is vital in order to understand the "whys" and "hows" for using the intravenous route to administer the kinds of fluids that can save life and limb.  You should possess the knowledge to correct and expand on the medical procedures used by medical science and also have the ability to interact with the physicians and physician assistants who will have the final responsibility for treating injuries and illnesses.


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It is essential that you regard this course as a study aid.  Procedures involving the use of drugs and invasive procedures must be supervised by licensed professionals in a fully accredited educational institution. Free-Ed.Net, SweetHaven Publishing Services, and their affiliates will assume no liability for the improper use and consequence of the information contained herein.


Lesson 1  Human Blood

1.1 Blood Parts
1.2 Function of the Blood in Trauma Hemostasis
1.3 Blood Types or Groups
1.4 Exercises for Lesson 1

Lesson 2  Fluids and Electrolytes

2.1 Body Fluids
2.2 Electrolytes in Body Fluids
2.3 Exercises for Lesson 2</dd>

Lesson 3  Intravenous Preparations and the Methods for Administration

3.1 Infusions
3.2 Transfusions
3.3 Infustion Procedures
3.4 Venus Cutdown
3.5 Exercises for Lesson 3

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