8.3 Exercises for Unit 8

1. A properly constructed hydraulic reservoir should be capable of dissipating heat from the fluid, separating air from the oil, and _____.

A. cooling the oil
B. settling out contamination in the oil
C. filtering contaminants
D. warming the oil

2. What component of a hydraulic system supplies a flow of fluid to the system?

A. Pump
B. Reservoir
C. Motor
D. Filter

3. What type of valve should never be used to regulate the flow of hydraulic fluid?

A. Directional control
B. Volume control
C. Sliding control
D. Rotary control

4. What is the most common metal seal used in Navy equipment?

A. Stainless steel
B. Copper
C. Aluminum
D. Steel

5. What type of seal is ideally suited for both low-pressure and high-pressure applications?

A. O-ring
B. Metal ring
C. Quad-ring
D. Steel ring

6. The majority of the motors used in fluid power systems are what type?

A. Fixed-displacement
B. Floating-displacement
C. Hydrostatic
D. Accumulator type

7. The major types of accumulators are the pneumatic, weight-loaded, and _____.

A. hydro-loaded
B. floating-displacement
C. hydrostatic
D. spring-loaded

8. The three types of lines used in fluid powered systems are the tubing, pipe, and _____.

A. rigid
B. semi rigid
C. hose
D. line

9. Which type of tubing is NOT recommended for use in high temperatures?

A. Copper
B. Plastic
C. Steel
D. Aluminum

10. Flexible hydraulic hose is composed of how many basic parts?

A. Four
B. Three
C. Two
D. One

11. Flexible hose fittings are made of what material?

A. Brass
B. Forged steel
C. Aluminum
D. Copper

12. What determines the types of seals to be used in a particular piece of equipment?

A. Heat range
B. Manufacturer
C. Type of fluid
D. Vibration on equipment

13. What device is used on high-pressure hydraulic systems to dissipate extra heat?

A. Heat exchangers
B. Oil coolers
C. Air coolers
D. Line coolers

14. What law states that when the temperature of a gas is constant, the volume of enclosed gas varies inversely with pressure?

A. Henry’s law
B. Boyle’s law
C. Pascal’s law
D. Charles’ law

15. What is the most undesirable quality of compressed air as a fluid medium for a pneumatic system?

A. Nitrogen content
B. Compression content
C. Moisture content
D. None of the above

16. What device in a rotary air compressor removes oil from the compressed air before the air leaves the service valves?

A. Water seperator
B. Regulator
C. Oil seperator
D. Line cleaner

17. The receiver tank on air compressors is made of what material?

A. Welded steel
B. Aluminum
C. Copper
D. Steel alloy

18. When cleaning the air filter on an air compressor, never let the pressure exceed how many psi?

A. 40
B. 35
C. 30
D. 25

19. The release of what compressed gas can cause asphyxia if you are in a confined space?

A. Nitrogen
B. Air
C. Oxygen
D. None of the above

20. As a safety precaution, never subject compressed gas cylinders above what temperature?

A. 1300F
B. 1250F
C. 1200F
D. 1150F