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Operations with Signed Numbers

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1 - Adding positive integers

2 - Adding negative integers

3 - Adding signed integers

4 - Subtracting positive integers

5 - Subtracting negative integers

6 - Subtracting signed integers

7 - Adding and subtracting signed integers

8 - Multiplying positive integers

9 - Multiplying negative integers

10 - Multiplying signed integers

11 - Dividing positive integers

12 - Dividing negative integers

13 - Dividing signed integers

14 - Multiplying and dividing integers

15 - All operations with signed numbers

These activities are made available by the generous support of individual donors and advertising revenue from our sponsors.

About These Activities

These activities are provided as learning tools for classroom teachers, homeschool mentors, and independent learners.

  • Teachers and mentors should select and review the activities to be assigned to their students.
  • Independent learners should begin at the top of the list and systematically work down through the activities.

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