Unit 3: Installang Waste Systems

About this Unit

The waste system is that part of a piping system that carries liquid and semisolid waste to a point of disposal. The waste system includes venting for elimination of sewer gases. This unit covers the classification of piping used in a waste system, the measurement of piping, and the preparation of piping material for installation. This unit also covers the identification of fittings and the use of joint connections.


Part 1: Waste Systems and Materials

  1. Classifying Types of Piping
  2. Measuring Pipes
  3. Preparing Piping Materials
  4. Working with Rigid Plastic Pipe
  5. Working with Galvanized Steel Pipe
  6. Working with Rigid Copper Tubing

Part 2:  Roughing In Waste Systems

  1. Installing Sewer Pipelines
  2. Installing Drain Lines and Stacks
  3. Venting the Waste System
  4. Installing Piping Material
  5. Supporting Pipeline Runs
  6. Testing the System for Leaks

Most of the content of this course is provided courtesy of US Army Engineer School, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

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