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About this Course

This course is intended from professional and apprentice plumbers. Although a do-it-yourselfer might find some valuable information in these study units, the presentations are generally too intense and detailed for the casual reader.

Most of the content of this course is provided courtesy of US Army Engineer School, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

The Web layout and study methods are provided by David L. Heiserman and SweetHaven Publishing Services, Columbus, Ohio.


Units of Study
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Unit I: Legends, Symbols, and Takeoff Lists


Unit II: Installing Water Supply Systems

  • Water Supply Systems and Materials
  • Roughing In Water Supplies and Lines

Unit III: Installing Waste Systems

  • Waste Systems and Materials
  • Roughing In Waste Systems

Unit IV: Installing Plumbing Fixtures

  • Installing Lavatories and Sinks
  • Installing Water Closets with Flushing Devices

Unit V: Plumbing Maintenance and Repair

  • Maintenance
  • Clearing Stoppages in Plumbing Fixtures
  • Clearing Stoppages in Waste Lines

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