Exam for Lesson 4

1. What is the primary consideration when erecting and using ladders and scaffolds?

A. To notify your supervisor about the assembly
B. To follow safety procedures
C. To install guardrails
D. To lower the swing-stage scaffold when it is not in use

2. A hoisting machine is used to raise swing-stage scaffolds. What action do you take before leaving the hoisting machine?

A. Raise the scaffold higher than needed and lock the break
B. Tie yourself securely to the scaffold
C. Remove the control handle and lock the brake
D. Push yourself slowly away from the building

3. When a ladder is not in use, you hang it on brackets by its side rails to prevent ________.

A. Moisture penetration
B. Equipment loss
C. Material warping
D. Material splitting

4. When an erected swing-stage scaffold is not in use, it must be ________.

A. Lashed to the building
B. Lowered to the ground
C. Kept upright
D. Disassembled

5. You are placing a 24-foot ladder against a wall that you will be painting. In feet, how far from the wall do you place the bottom of the ladder?

A. 6
B. 8
C. 10
D. 12

6. You want to form a loop that will not slip and is easily untied at the end of a rope. What hitch or knot do you use?

A. Clove hitch
B. Rolling hitch
C. Half hitch
D. Bowline knot

7. To lower yourself slowly, which hitch would you use with the boatswain's chair?

A. Clove
B. Half
C. Double
D. Rolling

8. You are erecting a swing-stage scaffold on a building. How do you keep the scaffold from swinging outward after it has been hoisted?

A. By placing working weights on the outside edges of the scaffold
B. By keeping your hands on the building while hoisting the scaffold
C. By lashing the scaffold to the building
D. By equipping the scaffold with stirrup rollers

9. You are on a 15-foot ladder and you need help to complete a paint job. You tell your helper to ___________.

A. Start painting from the lower side
B. Get another ladder
C. Get onto your ladder with you
D. Erect a lean-to scaffold

10. You are erecting a rolling tower that will have a base dimension of 4 square feet. What is the maximum height, in feet, of the tower?

A. 12
B. 16
C. 20
D. 24