Quiz for Lesson 2

1. Which of the following coatings is not a serviceable exterior protective coating?

A. Damar varnish
B. Spar varnish
C. Oil-based paint
D. Rubber-based paint

2. Why do you add driers to protective coatings?

A. To hasten film-hardening
B. To protect the pigment
C. To keep the pigment in the solution
D. To increase viscosity

3. You are making aluminum paint from aluminum powder. You mix the powder according to formula, with ___________.

A. Glue
B. Water
C. Varnish
D. Shellac

4. Fluids that evaporate rapidly are __________.

A. Driers
B. Solvents
C. Volatiles
D. Nonvolatiles

5. You want to waterproof a concrete-block wall. For this purpose, the best base paint is ___________.

A. Silicone
B. Oil
C. Lacquer
D. Varnish

6. You have been assigned the job of painting a large, steel bridge. Which of the following do you apply?

A. Aluminum paint and red iron-oxide, zinc-oxide, linseed-oil primer
B. Zinc chromate and deck enamel
C. Aluminum paint and water emulsion
D. Red iron-oxide, zinc-oxide, linseed-oil primer and asphalt varnish

7. Which of the following would you select to provide a smooth, even finish on open-grained wood?

A. Size
B. Phenolic-resin primer-sealer
C. Texture paint
D. Wood filler

8. The label on a paint can states the color and the type of paint and which of the following items?

A. Viscosity
B. Date of manufacture
C. Consistency
D. Blending characteristics

9. Tints are lighter than _________.

A. Shades
B. Tones
C. Hues
D. Chromas

10. You are painting a previously painted, wood surface that is in good condition. The primer is _________.

A. Added to the undercoat
B. Added to the sealer
C. Thinned
D. Not necessary

11. You are painting a wood wall that has an absorbent surface. Which of the following would you apply before starting to paint?

A. Shellac and alcohol
B. Stain
C. Aluminum pigment
D. Zinc oxide

12. For best results, the temperature of paint materials should be between which of the following?

A. 45 and 55F
B. 55 and 65F
C. 65 and 75F
D. 65 and 85F

13. You want to mix 5 gallons of paint that contains a highly volatile thinner. What mixing method do you use?

A. Boxing
B. Paddling
C. Propeller
D. Shaker

14. You must paint walk stripes in a building. These stripes must glow in the dark. Which of the following do you use?

A. Aluminum paint
B. Highway-yellow paint with glass beads
C. Luminous paint
D. Titanium dioxide

15. Zinc-oxide oil is a desirable primer for the inside of a water tank because it _________.

A. Admits ultraviolet light
B. Is nonpoisonous
C. Is white
D. Is fast-drying

16. Which of the following tools would you use to apply joint cement to a sheetrock joint?

A. Float
B. Chisel
C. Putty knife
D. Screwdriver

17. When selecting a can of paint from the storeroom, you pick the can that ____________.

A. Has the lowest temperature
B. Is on the top of the stack
C. Has the oldest manufacture date
D. Has no stirring requirements

18. What do you use as a primer on a steel bridge?

A. Zinc chromate
B. Epoxy
C. Phenolic resin
D. Hot alkyd varnish