Quiz for Lesson 1

1. Of the following types of paint, which is NOT flammable? 

A. Oil-based paint
B. Red-lead primer paint
C. Rubber-based paint
D. Water-based paint

2. Painters who are sensitive to skin-irritating materials must take special precautions. Of the following, which is the only safe material that they can use?

A. Water-based paint
B. Varnish
C. Oil-based paint
D. Textured paint

3. Which of the following items would you use to protect yourself against paint fumes and solvent vapors?

A. Safety goggles
B. Dispersoid-filter respirator
C. Safety helmet
D. Chemical-cartridge respirator

4. You wear a safety helmet for protection against which of the following?

A. Blast cleaner
B. Solvent vapor
C. Falling object
D. Acid cleaner

5. Painters should not wear clothing with tears, rips, or loose pockets because they are _________.

A. Distracting
B. The cause of accidents
C. Unsightly
D. Not useful

6. Which of the following is the most important when working in a hazardous area?

A. The use of a drop cloth
B. The use of disciplinary action
C. The use of a buddy system
D. The use of duplicate equipment

7. The most common and most serious accidents that occur during painting operations are caused by ___________.

A. The inhalation of fumes
B. The improper storage of equipment
C. The presence of fire
D. The loss of footing

8. In feet, how tall may a stepladder be when painting?

A. 10
B. 12
C. 14
D. 16

9. What is the minimum percentage of overlap required for each section in an extension ladder?

A. 10
B. 15
C. 20
D. 25

10. You are placing a ladder against the wall of a structure. What is the least distance from the wall that you would place the feet of the ladder?

A. 2 feet
B. 1 yard
C. One-fourth the working length of the ladder
D. One-half the working length of the ladder

11. Full-length guardrails must be provided for a scaffold when it is at what height above the ground?

A. Any height
B. 25 feet
C. 50 Set
D. Twice the length of the scaffold

12. Most paint products are flammable. What are the chief causes of fire and explosions?

A. Liquids and vapors
B. High-flashing solvents
C. Rubber-based paints
D. Damar varnishes and lacquers

13. In inches, what is the diameter of the smallest casters you may use on a rolling tower?

A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6

14. It is standard practice to use wire rope of at least 3/4-inch diameter for platform slings. In inches, what is the least diameter of Manila rope you would select for boatswain's chairs and lifelines?

A. 1/2
B. 5/8
C. 3/4
D. 1

15. Which of the following items would you place under dispensing pumps and spigots to absorb possible spillage or overflow?

A. An oil rag
B. A pail of sand
C. A box of sawdust
D. A pail of water

16. What precaution should you take with paint rags and waste?

A. Burn them
B. Soak them in oil and leave in place
C. Wet them down with water and store in closed, metal container
D. Wash them and dry thoroughly

17. Which of the following solvents is least irritating to the skin?

A. Mineral spirits
B. Turpentine
D. Xylol