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How do I sign up for a course?    
You don't have to sign up for any of the learning resources at Free-Ed.Net. Simply find a program, course, or other learning opportunity that interests you ... and go to work on it.    
How much does it cost to take courses offered by Free-Ed.Net.  
Nothing. All learning resources at Free-Ed.Net are offered free of charge.    
How many free courses do you offer at Free-Ed.Net?    
The number of study programs and courses currently exceeds 500 (December, 2011) . The numbers are steadily increasing without an end in sight. Once you discover how Free-Ed.Net works, you will find that questions of "how many" have little relevance.    
How long does it take to complete your courses?    
There are a few step-by-step courses and study programs for people who might have learning difficulties. In a vast majority of instance, however, completion time isn't relevant. In fact, our most complete, tradition-breaking career programs have no end to themyou are in it for life!    
Do you offer diplomas or certificates of completion?  
No, but you can obtain a hardcopy Certificate of Affirmation for a course or sequence of studies. It is not feasible to offer formal diplomas or certificates of completion.    
Can pay to have you send a diploma when we complete a course of study?    
No. We have no way of tracking the work of over a half-million users each month. Besides, selling you a diploma is contrary to the spirit of Free-Ed.Net's mission statement.    
Exactly what is a Certificate of Affirmation?    
The Certificate of Affirmation  is the closest thing to formal documentation for participating in studies at Free-Ed.Net. This document, supported with a well-used Learning Journal and perhaps some links to personal learning blogs, Is sure evidence of your work and potential qualifications..    
How can I find the course I want to study?    
First, locate the Directory of Programs & Courses. You will find two ways to locate learning materials on the site.

(1) You can use the Free-Ed.Net search box to find virtually any program, course, subject, or other learning resource on the site.

(2) Or you can use the university navigation system to browse the various colleges, schools, and departments.


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