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The primary content of this course is provided by the Student Web Site for Social Psychology,

How to Get the Most From this Resource

The links on this page take you to learning resources for a conventional textbook. Few, if any, Free-Ed.Net learners have the book at hand, so there might be some concern about how useful this material can be. It is useful very useful. You simply have to learn how to use it.

As you link to the contents on this page, you will find lists of things you should learn about, important terms, interactive animations, quizzes ... lots of things. There is enough material here to keep you busy for a long time. Maybe you don't have the textbook at hand, but you do have the entire internet to build upon the framework of knowledge offered here.


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Important: These links take you away from the Free-Ed.Net site. You should work on the assignments exactly as prescribed here. If you choose to browse the offsite location, it is likely you will encounter some premium features that are password protected.

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General Instructions

dreamstime_1428931_sm.jpg (10786 bytes)Each lesson here is built around a series of notes from chapters in a college textbook, Social Psychology.

  1. Study item carefully, jotting down new terms and ideas in your Learning Journal.
  2. Enter important terms into the Google search box. This will help build some depth into your study.

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  1. Record your impressions and questions for further study.