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Core Topics

Core topics are those common to most skilled trades. In fact, many are essential prerequisites.


Automotive texts included basic theory of operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance procedures for the mechanical and electrical  systems common to today's autos and trucks.

Aviation (Part 1): Powerplants

Aviation (Part 2): Airframes

This is an extensive series of technical manuals that cover the major topics of modern aircraft powerplants and airframes.

Building and Carpentry

These texts are all about strengthening your knowledge of lumber, interior  carpentry, concrete, and masonry.


The electrical textbooks here cover a wide range of skills, from local distribution systems to domestic fuse box wiring.


The Plumbing series of online manuals covers water distribution systems as well as inside plumbing and fixtures.


This extensive series of free online manuals is intended for apprentice tradesmen (and women).

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