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This learning resource is built upon the online textbook, Sociology, 2nd Edition, available free of charge from OpenStax University. The textbook material, itself, is provided in the PDF format. This means you should have a PDF reader, such as Acrobat Reader. It is available here for downloading, free of charge--tap the Acrobat Reader image to begin the installation process.

Note: The textbook has nearly 500 pages of text and images. The first time you access this book, the downloading time might seem excessively long -- depending upon the speed of your Internet connection. Once the file is cached in your browser, however, loading times for individual assignments are much shorter.

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Table of Contents


1 An Introduction to Sociology

What Is Sociology?

The History of Sociology

Theoretical Perspectives

Why Study Sociology?

2 Sociological Research

Approaches to Sociological Research

Research Methods

Ethical Concerns

3 Culture

What Is Culture?

Elements of Culture

Pop Culture, Subculture, and Cultural Change

Theoretical Perspectives on Culture

4 Society and Social Interaction

Types of Societies

Theoretical Perspectives on Society

Social Constructions of Reality

5 Socialization

Theories of Self-Development

Why Socialization Matters

Agents of Socialization

Socialization Across the Life Course

6 Groups and Organization

Types of Groups

Group Size and Structure

Formal Organizations

7 Deviance, Crime, and Social Control

Deviance and Control

Theoretical Perspectives on Deviance

Crime and the Law

8 Media and Technology

Technology Today

Media and Technology in Society

Global Implications of Media and Technology

Theoretical Perspectives on Media and Technology

9 Social Stratification in the United States

What Is Social Stratification?

Social Stratification and Mobility in the United States

Global Stratification and Inequality

Theoretical Perspectives on Social Stratification

10 Global Inequality

Global Stratification and Classification

Global Wealth and Poverty

Theoretical Perspectives on Global Stratification

11 Race and Ethnicity

Racial, Ethnic, and Minority Groups

Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Discrimination

Theories of Race and Ethnicity

Intergroup Relationships

Race and Ethnicity in the United States

12 Gender, Sex, and Sexuality

Sex and Gender


Sex and Sexuality

13 Aging and the Elderly

Who Are the Elderly? Aging in Society

The Process of Aging

Challenges Facing the Elderly

Theoretical Perspectives on Aging

14 Marriage and Family

What Is Marriage? What Is a Family?

Variations in Family Life

Challenges Families Face

15 Religion

The Sociological Approach to Religion

World Religions

Religion in the United States

16 Education

Education around the World

Theoretical Perspectives on Education

Issues in Education

17 Government and Politics

Power and Authority

Forms of Government

Politics in the United States

Theoretical Perspectives on Government and Power

18 Work and the Economy

Economic Systems

Globalization and the Economy

Work in the United States

19 Health and Medicine

The Social Construction of Health

Global Health

Health in the United States

Comparative Health and Medicine

Theoretical Perspectives on Health and Medicine

20 Population, Urbanization, and the Environment

Demography and Population


The Environment and Society

21 Social Movements and Social Change

Collective Behavior

Social Movements

Social Change

David L. Heiserman, Editor

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Revised: June 06, 2015