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Part 1: Selecting and Mixing Mortar Materials

Mortar Bond
Mortar Formulas
Mixing the Mortar

Part 2: Construct a Concrete-Block Wall

Concrete Blocks
Planning the Concrete-Block Walls
First Course of Concrete Blocks
Control Joints
Laying Up the Corners
Laying the Concrete Blocks Between Corners
Tooling the Joints
Intersecting Walls
Anchor Bolts
Lintels, Sills, and Reinforcing Steel
Patching and Cleaning the Concrete-Block Walls

Part 3: Construct a Brick Wall

Types and Characteristics of Bricks
Types of Brick Bonds
Mortar Joints
Finishing the Joints
Cutting the Bricks
Laying a Common Bond Brick Wall
Window and Door Openings
Protecting the Brick Against Weathering
Reinforced Brick

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