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5-16. To perform a proper analysis, you must have a working knowledge of the equipment necessary for the form work job and a good idea of how much work the form builders can turn out per unit of time. It is important to be knowledgeable of--

Equipment. The average form work job requires claw hammers, pinch bars, hand saws, portable electric saws, table saws, levels, plumb lines, and carpenter's squares. These tools should be readily available.

Techniques. Break large projects into smaller, nearly identical units. Develop standardized methods for constructing, erecting, and stripping forms to the maximum extent possible. This saves time and material, and simplifies design problems.


5-17. A carpenter of average skill can build and erect 10 square feet of wood forms per hour. This figure increases as the worker becomes more skilled in form construction. It also varies with the tools and materials available and the type of form. Some forms, such as those for stairways, require considerable physical support from underneath. Some forms take more man-hours and materials to build than simpler forms. For carpenters to move from one level to another frequently requires additional time. Therefore, increased man power support at the ground level increases efficiency

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