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5-2. The first step in any construction procedure is to make a thorough and efficient reconnaissance of the construction site. Note possible problems in clearing and draining the site and in transporting and storing materials. Investigate the site for any unusual characteristics that can cause construction problems such as undesirable soil or rock base. You can avoid construction delays by anticipating and considering such problems beforehand.


5-3. Special consideration such as the following must be given to any planning procedures:

Route selection. Local traffic patterns, the quality of existing roads and bridges, and the equipment used all affect the selection of the best route to the construction site. Make maximum use of the existing road network; this will save time and effort by repairing or improving an existing road rather than constructing a new one. Select an alternate route when possible.

Water and aggregate location. Locate the nearest or most convenient source of suitable mixing water. Note any alternate sources in case subsequent tests show that your first choice is unsuitable. Whenever possible, use local sand and gravel sources. Locate these sources and specify any necessary tests.

Time estimation. Estimate the time for site preparation carefully during reconnaissance. This assures the proper equipment is available at both the place and time of need

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