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As an X-ray technologist, positioning the patient is one of the most routine, yet critical aspects of your job. You may have to position up to fifty patients in the course of a given day. Though you may come close to knowing the steps for positioning a patient, almost without thinking, you should never let positioning procedures become mindless or automatic part of your job. Failure to position a patient correctly could cause harm to the patient. It could also involve the hospital and/or health care team in needless litigation. If you fail to position the patient correctly for a particular study, the radiologist could end up with an incomplete study and, consequently, inadequate or inaccurate information to formulate a valid diagnosis. The patient might be unnecessarily subject to further pain or discomfort.

bullet Lesson 1. Body Mechanics, Patient Handling, and Positioning
bullet Lesson 2. The Order of Procedure
bullet Lesson 3. Positioning Terminology
bullet Lesson 4. Film Identification and Captioning
bullet Lesson 5. Positioning for Exams of the Upper Extremities
bullet Lesson 6. Positioning of the Lower Extremities
bullet Lesson 7. Positioning of the Pelvic Area
bullet Lesson 8. Positioning of the Trunk
bullet Lesson 9. Positioning of the Spine
bullet Lesson 10. Positioning of the Cranium, Sinuses, and Mandibles
bullet Lesson 11. Positioning for Additional Skull Procedures