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About Law and Medical Ethics

As a practicing health care provider, it is not enough to be technically competent, although it is, admittedly, a critical component of your job. You must balance technical skill (technology) with correct professional demeanor (ethical or right behavior) and sensitivity to the patient's needs (caring).

While technical skills give you the baseline competency that you need, a knowledge of ethical and legal issues in health care enables you to make more informed health care decisions with better understanding of the basis for such actions. With conviction in your own actions, you will not only feel more confident, but you will project confidence to your patients, an essential element in health care provider-patient relationships.

Finally, knowledge of legal considerations related to health care will spare you from unwittingly committing acts that could have legal repercussions (a lawsuit) for the hospital or physician you serve and adverse consequences to your career.

The text resource for this course was originally intended for radiologists. You will soon discover, however, that the vast majority of information applies across the full spectrum of health care.
David L. Heiserman, Editor

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