Dental Assisting



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Lesson 1.Head and Neck Anatomy
Lesson 2. Oral Anatomy
Lesson 3. Oral Pathology
Lesson 4. Emergency Treatment for Oral Diseases and Injuries
Lesson 5. Oral Pharmacology
Lesson 6. Nutrition and Diet
Lesson 7. Infection Control
Lesson 8. Sterilization and Disinfection
Lesson 9. Dental Safety and Equipment Safety
Lesson 10. Dental Radiology
Lesson 11. Dental Examinations
Lesson 12. Preventive Dentistry
Lesson 13. Operative Dentistry
Lesson 14. Oral Surgery Assistance
Lesson 15. Periodontic Assistance
Lesson 16. Endodontic Assistance
Lesson 17. Prosthodontic Assistance
Lesson 18. Dental Treatment Room Emergencies
Lesson 19. Forensic Dentistry

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