Unit 1
Elements of Chemical Structure and Inorganic Nomenclature


This lesson discusses how to name a compound from its formula. The interrelationship of names and formulas is very important to you. You will be required to recognize both, in interpreting, preparing, and using these chemicals.

The presentation  is in the format of programmed instruction. Each frame presents some material, and then asks some questions in which you apply the material presented. The correct answers follow so that you can check your answers for accuracy. It is important that you use a piece of paper to cover the answers as you work the program. You should fill in the answers as you work each frame and then check your answers. If you answered any questions incorrectly, go back and review the frame so that you understand the correct answer.

There are several general terms we use that give us information about inorganic compounds. To describe the number of different elements in a compound we use the terms binary, ternary, and quaternary.