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The supervising chef is responsible for insuring that the food prepared in the dining facility is tasty and nutritious. To obtain the best results when preparing food, the following four points should be closely observed: use of ingredients of good quality, minimum lapse of time between preparation and service, proper cooking methods, and proper care of food after preparation.  It is necessary to know the composition of foods and how they are affected by storage, preparation, and cooking and to establish procedures for good food preparation. Since nonresident students cannot actually prepare food, this text gives some guidelines for establishing criteria for effective food preparation.


The first requisite of good cooking is an accurate knowledge of the items to be prepared. Dining facility personnel have specific instructions on which foods to prepare, the quantity needed, and the method of cooking. The cooks must know the basic characteristics of the foods they are to prepare. For meats, the cut or quality of the meat is the factor that determines the length of time the item is to be cooked, the temperature at which it is to be cooked, and the method to be used (broiling, roasting, stewing, etc.). For vegetables, the age of the vegetables and the necessity of conserving the vitamins present are considered in determining the method of cooking. This text does not include the actual methods of cooking. However, each type of food prepared and served in a dining facility is discussed. Some suggestions for obtaining quality finished items end some factors for Judging the prepared items are included.