Quality Control   in Basic Food Preparation

1-1 Introduction
1-2 Control of Ingredients
1-3 Control of Techniques

Basic Food Preparation, Part 1

2-1 Introduction
2-2 Appetizers
2-3 Beverages
2-4 Yeast-Raised Doughs

Basic Food Preparation, Part 2

3-1 Introduction
3-2 Preparing Meat
3-3 Preparing Fish
3-4 Preparing Poultry

About this Course

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Fundamentals of Cafeteria/Banquet Food Preparation deals with cafeteria- and buffet-style preparation. As a student of the culinary arts, you will find the cafeteria/buffet environment presents some challenges that are quite different from those of restaurant-style work.

The reading assignments for this course have been adapted from a U.S. Army training manual. Occasional references to Army resources and protocols do not detract from the usefulness of the core material for civilian use..