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Assignments for Lesson 7
Analyzing Arguments

1. Carefully study the Lesson Outline .
  • Take good notes in your learning journal.
  • When you complete your study of the outline, check the new terms in the Glossary for this course or do your own Internet research by entering the new terms into the Google Search Box below.

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2. Study the PowerPoint Tutorial for this lesson.

  • Use the information and insights to expand the notes in your learning journal.
  • Go through the presentation several times over a period of several days.

3. Test and expand your understanding of this lesson by working the:

This resource uses a commercial publisher's textbook website. Click here to learn about how to use this type of resource and how to get the most from it.
Use this search box to clarify or expand on your understanding of the topic you are studying:

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Last, but not least, keep a detailed record of your progress in your personal Learning Journal.

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