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These are learning resources gathered from all over the Web. Some are just bits-and-pieces and others are extensive learning sources. But all are relevant to the topic and the highest quality we can find. Feel free to explore companion websites, free textbook chapters, PowerPoint presentations, video lectures and tutorials.



These free online resources are selected for  their relevance, quality,  and accessibility.

A First Course in Electrical Engineering
Video lecture series from YouTube and Berkeley


These are complete chapters from leading textbooks. Skilled lifelong learners can use one or a combination of several sample chapters as the foundation for a complete study program.

Sequential Logic Circuits
A topical tutorial.

Oscillators and Waveform Generators
A topical tutorial

Transformers and Power Transfer
A topical tutorial

Useful Circuit Analysis Techniques
A topical tutorial


1Chapter 1. Electric Circuit Variables



1Chapter 1. Semiconductor Diodes
Engineering tech level

11. Introduction to Electronics
Engineering tech level






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