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Welcome to the School of Electrical Engineering at Free-Ed.Net. 

We do not pretend to offer all the learning experiences that are necessary for pursuing a career as a professional electrical engineer. We are here for a different reason. This is a 21st century experiential environment that serves each of  these three situations:

  1. You are curious about electrical engineering, and want to know more about the schooling, the work, and the lifestyle if offers your future.
  2. You are already neck deep in the studies, and need some fresh perspectives.
  3. You are already working as a electrical engineer, and want to keep up with the trends that are influencing your future.

Online resources that provide an overview of the subject. These are especially
helpful for learners who are searching for subjects that suit their needs and
personal interests.

Resource Publisher
Overview of Electronics Wikipedia


Courses are organized studies that include at least a free online textbook and a study guide. Many include exams, quizzes, instructional videos and other helpful learning resources. They are suitable for both self-learning and formal instruction.

AC Electricity and Electronics A complete introduction to basic electronics.

Equivalent-Resistance Circuits. A short tutorial, complete with interactive examples and exercises.

Equivalent-Resistance Circuits. A brief tutorial.

Systems, Quantities, and Units A short course.
The reading assignment is ready, but the study guide is still under development.


Activities are intended to get you directly involved in a learning program. There are a number of different types of activities--flash cards, Endless Examples & Exercises, research projects, and more.

Basic Electronic Circuit Analysis An extensive series of interactive circuit-analysis exercises, from finding the total resistance of a simple series circuit through a total analysis of complex RCL circuits.

Dynamics of Basic Electronic Circuits - Flashcards. Use these flashcards to strengthen you understanding of how circumcises respond to changes in values.



These are contemporary textbooks that appear online, free of charge but with an undetermined number of pages missing. They are selected for their relevance and quality.

Become immersed in your subject with hundreds of images, videos, and audio recordings gathered from the riches resources of the Internet


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