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This video is clearly intended to introduce the viewer to one of the finest and most respected schools of culinary arts. And second, it offers a look at the career opportunities in the pasty arts. But those are not the reasons for the presentation here. Lifelong learners master the art of looking beyond the obvious for the heartbeat of the matter. Look for the heart of a pastry chef and see how it matches it with your personal passions. See a similar video for baking.


Note: Some of these tutorials might require a PDF reader. If you do not have an the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your device, you can download a free copy here. Many also require the Google Play app for mobile devices.

To be perfectly honest, few of us have the time and means to complete entire courses or read entire textbooks. But we all have time to read (or browse) single chapters from good textbooks. This is what the following Topic Tutorials offer -- something you can actually accomplish in a relatively short time and  expand your understanding of things you really need to know in order to move ahead.




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