General Physics with Calculus is the introductory physics course for engineering and physical science majors. Because a good background in calculus is required, it is usually taken as a second-year course. This is in contrast with two other introductory physics courses: Descriptive Physics and General Physics with Algebra. You can learn  more about then in their respective departments here at Free-Ed.Net.

These are contemporary textbooks that appear online, free of charge but with an undetermined number of pages missing. They are selected for their relevance and quality.

General Physics:

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Video Lectures in College Physics, with Calculus
Here are all 39 episodes of The Mechanical Universe.


General Physics with Calculus
This is where you start learning real physics. It is a
rigorous course, and yet the author manages to keep
a sense of informality about it. It is a "must" for all
would-be physicists.


These free online resources are selected for  their relevance, quality,  and accessibility.

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