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Reboot Home Page

This program is all about preparation and opportunity. So before going any further, take some time to consider these three simple acts of preparation  that will put you into a position for opportunity:
  1. Join the Reboot Group.
  2. Join the career social group, LinkedIn.
  3. Create (or possibly clean up) your Facebook account.
Note: Your response to these suggested preparations are powerful indicators of your potential "luck."
Hey! The fact that you are still reading this page is, itself, an act of preparation. Good for you!

A prevailing misconception is that an investment of four or five years of life and an incurred debt of  $30,000 "buys" all  the preparation one needs for launching a successful  career.

You can't buy real and lasting success; you have to take it by force.




David L. Heiserman, Editor

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Revised: June 06, 2015