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I don't know your exact circumstances. I don't know where you are in life, where you've been, or where you want to go. But that's okay; I don't need much detail. My job here with the Reboot program is to provide several different kinds of solutions ... or at least some pathways to getting your life back on track and/or moving ahead at an acceptable pace. It is up to you to figure out which path (or combination of paths) works best for youbeginning where you are now and leading in the direction you want to go.

So the person in charge here is the one most qualified to run the show: you!

Here is the general plan. It isn't a specific plan because this is not a one-plan-fits-all proposition. But there is some merit to it as a guide.

  • First, determine where you are today in terms of the education and potential workplace skills you already have.
  • Second, determine where you want to go with you life.
  • Third, devise a workable plan for getting where you want to go, starting from where you are.

So there's the general plan. It is usually easy to determine your education and skills. It's a matter of record. The little thing we might have to deal with here is recognizing some skills and kinds of experience that you do not happen think has any value.

Another show-stopper is knowing the kind of career you want to pursue. Some of you are already totally convinced you know what you want to do. Others aren't so sure. Obviously we can't put together a workable plan until that issue is clearn.

But for the sake of argument, let's suppose you've gotten to the place where you understand the value of the past learning and work experience, and you have a pretty good idea what you want to do. This is where the fun (and really hard work)  begin.

You can see from the open links below  that this site is still under development. Feel free to explore what is already "live," and join the  Reboot Group to receive email messages about the progress.

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