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Unit 5 Cooling and Lubricating Systems


Select a module from one of these lessons:

5-1 Engine Cooling Systems

5-1.1 Introduction
5-1.2 Air-Cooled System
5-1.3 Liquid-Cooled System: Introduction
5-1.4 Radiator
5-1.5 Radiator Hoses
5-1.6 Radiator Pressure Cap
5-1.7 Water Pump
5-1.8 Fan And Shroud
5-1.9 Water Jacket
5-1.10 Thermostats
5-1.11 Expansion (Recovery) Tank
5-1.12 Temperature Gauge And Warning Light
5-1.13 Coolants And Antifreeze
5-2 Servicing The Liquid-Cooled System
5-2.1 Introduction
5-2.2 Flushing The System
5-2.3 Antifreeze Service
5-2.4 Cooling System Tests: Introduction
5-2.5 Cooling System Pressure Test
5-2.6 Combustion Leak Test
5-2.7 Thermostat Test
5-2.8 Engine Fan Test
5-2.9 Servicing and Repairing Cooling System Components
5-2.10 Water Pump
5-2.11 Thermostat
5-2.12 Hoses
5-2.13 Fan And Belt
5-2.14 Radiator And Pressure Cap
5-3 Engine Lubricating Systems
5-3.1 Introduction
5-3.2 Purposes Of Lubrication
5-3.3 Engine Oil
5-3.4 Lubricating (Oil) System Components: Introduction
5-3.5 Oil Pan
5-3.6 Oil Level Gauge
5-3.7 Oil Pump
5-3.8 Oil Pickup And Strainer
5-3.9 Oil Filter
5-3.10 Oil Galleries
5-3.11 Oil Pressure Warning Light
5-3.12 Oil Pressure Gauge
5-3.13 Oil Temperature Regulator
5-3.14 Types Of Lubricating (Oil) Systems
5-3.15 Lubricating System Problem Diagnosis
5-3.16 Lubricating System Maintenance

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Often the maintenance needed on an automotive system requires a lot of knowledge and very little physical effort. This is the kind of repair work that separates the good mechanics from the bad ones very quickly. Without the proper knowledge, mechanics may work for hours before they correct a simple problem. Sometimes they may never get an engine running correctly. A good mechanic that understands engines can repair one in a few minutes. This course is written with the intention of starting you on the correct road to becoming a good auto mechanic. In it we describe the different parts of the automotive system and how they operate together to make the system run the way it should.

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