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Unit 3 Gasoline Fuel Systems


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3-1 Gasoline Fuel Systems

3-1.1 Fuel Pump
3-1.2 Gasoline
3-1.3 Properties Of Gasoline
3-1.4 Air-Fuel Ratio
3-1.5 Gasoline Combustion
3-1.6 Fuel System Components: Introduction
3-1.7 Fuel Tank
3-1.8 Fuel Gauges
3-1.9 Fuel Filters
3-1.11 Fuel Lines And Hoses
3-1.12 Air Cleaner
3-2 Principles of Carburetion
3-2.1 Introduction
3-2.2 Definitions
3-2.3 Carburetor
3-2.4 Float System
3-2.5 Idle System
3-2.6 Off Idle System
3-2.7 Acceleration System
3-2.8 High-Speed System
3-2.9 Full-Power System
3-2.10 Choke System
3-2.11 Carburetor Accessories
3-2.12 Computer-Controlled Carburetors
3-2.13 Carburetor Troubles
3-3 Gasoline Fuel Injection Systems
3-3.1 Introduction
3-3.2 Timed Fuel Injection System
3-3.3 Throttle Body Injection System
3-4 Exhaust and Emission Control Systems
3-4.1 Introduction
3-4.2 Exhaust Manifold
3-4.3 Manifold Heat Control Valve
3-4.4 Muffler
3-4.5 Catalytic Converters
3-4.6 Air Injection System
3-4.7 Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) System
3-4.8 Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) System
3-4.9 Fuel Evaporization Control System

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Often the maintenance needed on an automotive system requires a lot of knowledge and very little physical effort. This is the kind of repair work that separates the good mechanics from the bad ones very quickly. Without the proper knowledge, mechanics may work for hours before they correct a simple problem. Sometimes they may never get an engine running correctly. A good mechanic that understands engines can repair one in a few minutes. This course is written with the intention of starting you on the correct road to becoming a good auto mechanic. In it we describe the different parts of the automotive system and how they operate together to make the system run the way it should.

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