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First-Level Algebra
bullet Understanding Algebra
This is James Brennan's popular online algebra text. It is tried and tested, and found to be consistent and reliable.
bullet ShockWave Lectures in Algebra icon_shockw.gif (180 bytes)
An extensive series of animated presentations of basic procedures.
bullet S.O.S Mathematics: Algebra
This an excellent, no-nonsense summary of the principles of algebra.

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Practice, practice, practice 'til you get it!

Solving Linear Equations in One Variable
Endless Examples & Exercises™

Mastering Polynomials
Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing binomials, trinomials, and higher polynomials.


College-Level Algebra

Perspectives on Algebra
Here is a thorough treatment of advanced-placement (AP) and college-level algebra. You will find 26 half-hour video lessons produce by Annenberg/CPB.


Okay. What is algebra all about? Here is a way to get some answers to that question.


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