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Frequently Asked Questions


How much do these IT courses cost?
A Nothing. They are free to everyone. There are no gimmicks and no cheap tricks to get money from you later. It's all paid by advertising and gifts from individuals who understand our mission.
Q Do I get a diploma or certificate of completion?
A No, not from Free-Ed.Net, anyway. You simply have the benefit of mastering a new skill that will advance your career and enrich your life.
Q Who takes these courses?
A Most of the thousands of daily visitors are doing class assignments at their local schools and colleges. Others are individuals who are simply trying to get a better understanding of IT subjects.
Q What skill level or prerequisites do I need in order to take a course?
A You don't know until you start the course. If you find you are always hopelessly lost and confused, you need to find some courses presented on a more basic level.
Q Are the courses difficult?
A Not intentionally.
Q How long does it take to complete a course?
A That's up to you. However,  it is unrealistic to suggest that anyone could do a thorough job in less than a month.
Q Where do we turn in our work?
A You don't.
Q May I download the course material for offline study?
A Copyright laws permit you to download a single copy for your own use.
Q Can I purchase a CD of the courses?
A No. There would be too many conflicts of propertey rights.