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About this Course

cap03.gif (979 bytes) This course is intended for serious computer hobbyists, IT students, and IT professionals.

The free online textbook for this course is Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 24 Hours, Third Edition. Read the Introduction.

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Common SQL Commands

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Part I: SQL Concepts Overview

1. Welcome to the World of SQL

Part II: Building Your Database

2. Defining Data Structures
3. Managing Database Objects
4. The Normalization Process
5. Manipulating Data
6. Managing Database Transactions

Part III: Getting Effective Results from Queries

  7. Introduction to the Database Query
  8. Using Operators to Categorize Data
  9. Summarizing Data Results from a Query
10. Sorting and Grouping Data
11. Restructuring the Appearance of Data
12. Understanding Dates and Times

Part IV: Building Sophisticated Database Queries

13. Joining Tables in Queries
14. Using Subqueries to Define Unknown Data
15. Combining Multiple Queries into One

Part V: SQL Performance Tuning

16. Using Indexes to Improve Performance
17. Improving Database Performance

Part VI: Using SQL to Manage Users and Security

18. Managing Database Users
19. Managing Database Security

Part VII: Summarized Data Structures

20. Creating and Using Views and Synonyms
21. Working with the System Catalog

Part VIII: Applying SQL Fundamentals in Today's World

22. Advanced SQL Topics
23. Extending SQL to the Enterprise, the Internet, and the Intranet
24. Extensions to Standard SQL


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